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- Planck All-Sky Images Show Cold Gas and Strange Haze in Milky Way Galaxy
- Study Shines Light On Brain Mechanism That Controls Reward Enjoyment
- Rare Ultra-Blue Stars Found in Neighboring Galaxy's Hub
- New Evidence That Comets Deposited Building Blocks of Life On Primordial Earth
- NASA Develops Super-Black Material That Absorbs Light Across Multiple Wavelength Bands
- Hybrid Silkworms Spin Stronger Spider Silk
- Record Massive Black Holes Discovered Lurking in Monster Galaxies
- It Takes Two: Brains Come Wired for Cooperation, Neuroscientists Discover
- Large Solar Flares Generate Geomagnetic Storm
- X-Rays Illuminate the Interior of the Moon
- BP Oil Spill Hurt Marshes, but Recovery Possible, Experts Say
- Nano Funnel Used to Generate Extreme Ultraviolet Light Pulses
- Beast With Four Tails: Milky Way Devouring Neighboring Dwarf Galaxies
- Clearest Picture Yet of Dark Matter Points the Way to Better Understanding of Dark Energy
- Microbiologists Can Now Measure Extremely Slow Life, Deep Ocean Study Shows
- How the Zebra Got Its Stripes
- Brain Imaging Study Finds Evidence of Basis for Caregiving Impulse
- Egg-Producing Stem Cells Isolated from Adult Human Ovaries
- U.S. Rivers and Streams Saturated With Carbon
- New Particle at Large Hadron Collider Discovered by ATLAS Experiment
- Helping Your Fellow Rat: Rodents Show Empathy-Driven Behavior, Evidence Suggests
- Acquired Traits Can Be Inherited Via Small RNAs
- Ecologists Capture First Deep-Sea Fish Noises
- Some Orbits More Popular Than Others in Planetary Systems
- First Plants Caused Ice Ages, New Research Reveals
- Stratospheric Superbugs Offer New Source of Power
- Demise of Early Large Animals Caused by Both Humans and Climate Change
- Explosive Stars With Good Table Manners
- Remote Wilderness Polluted by Humans
- Researchers Discover a New Path for Light Through Metal
- Hubble Uncovers Tiny Galaxies Bursting With Starbirth in Early Universe
- New Technique Puts Chemistry Breakthroughs On the Fast Track
- Tiny Primate Is Ultrasonic Communicator
- Ten-Second Dance of Electrons Is Step Toward Exotic New Computers
- Prehistoric Greenhouse Data from Ocean Floor Could Predict Earth's Future, Study Finds
- How Granular Materials Become Solid: Discovery May Be Boon to Engineers, Manufacturers
- Prions Play Powerful Role in the Survival and Evolution of Wild Yeast Strains
- Meteorite Shockwaves Trigger Dust Avalanches On Mars
- Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Reveal Surprising Ingredients of Early Galaxies
- Engineered Bacteria Effectively Target Tumors, Enabling Tumor Imaging Potential in Mice
- Lab Mimics Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids Inside a Single Atom
- How Hemp Got High: Cannabis Genome Mapped
- Hippocampus Plays Bigger Memory Role Than Previously Thought
- NASA Orbiter Catches Mars Sand Dunes in Motion
- New Class of Antimalarial Compounds Discovered
- Organics Probably Formed Easily in Early Solar System
- Starlings Help Explain Irrational Preferences
- Wave Character of Individual Molecules Revealed
- Erratic, Extreme Day-To-Day Weather Puts Climate Change in New Light
- Mercury's Surprising Core and Landscape Curiosities
- When Dinosaurs Roamed a Fiery Landscape
- Simple 3-D Grid Structure Underlying Complexity of Primate Brain
- Societal Control of Sugar Essential to Ease Public Health Burden, Experts Urge
- Specific Antibodies Halt Alzheimer's Disease in Mice
- Ancient Bronze Artifact from East Asia Unearthed at Alaska Archaeology Site
- Ancient DNA Provides New Insights Into Cave Paintings of Horses
- Astronomers Explain Blue Stragglers: How Do Mysterious Stars Stay So Young?
- Researchers Complete Mollusk Evolutionary Tree
- Plants 'Remember' Drought, Change Responses to Survive
- How Star-Forming Galaxies Evolve Into 'Red and Dead' Elliptical Galaxies
- Fastest Wind from Stellar-Mass Black Hole
- Overfishing Threatens the Survival of Seabirds
- Robotic Bug Gets Wings, Sheds Light On Evolution of Flight
- RNA Interference Cancer Treatment? Delivering RNA With Tiny Sponge-Like Spheres
- How Viruses Evolve, and in Some Cases, Become Deadly
- Sensing Self and Non-Self: New Research Into Immune Tolerance
- Ancient Depiction of Childbirth Discovered at Etruscan Site in Tuscany
- Weird World of Water Gets a Little Weirder
- Iridescent, Feathered Dinosaur Offers Fresh Evidence That Feathers Evolved to Attract Mates
- Worm Seeks Worm: Chemical Cues Drive Aggregation in Nematodes
- Past in Monsoon Changes Linked to Major Shifts in Indian Civilizations
- Carbon Dioxide Is 'Driving Fish Crazy'
- T. Rex's Killer Smile Revealed
- New Theory On Size of Black Holes: Gas-Guzzling Black Holes Eat Two Courses at a Time
- Warming Antarctic Brings Changes to Penguin Breeding Cycles
- Astronomers Reach New Frontiers of Dark Matter
- Stem Cells Can Repair a Damaged Cornea
- Paint-On Solar Cells Developed
- Could Siberian Volcanism Have Caused the Earth's Largest Extinction Event?
- Big Pest, Small Genome: Two-Spotted Spider Mite Genome Decoded
- Australian Saltwater Crocodiles Are World’s Most Powerful Biters
- Skin Cells Turned Into Neural Precusors, Bypassing Stem-Cell Stage
- Magnetic Moon: Magnetic Anomalies On Moon Are Result of Asteroid Collision
- On the Path to Age-Defying Therapies
- Pioneering Research Reveals Versatile Bacterium's Secrets
- Planets With Double Suns Are Common
- NASA Telescopes Help Solve Ancient Supernova Mystery
- Humans Began Walking Upright to Carry Scarce Resources, Chimp Study Suggests
- Many Billions of Rocky Planets in Habitable Zones Around Red Dwarfs in Milky Way
- Toward Better Electronics: Researchers Develop New Way to Oxidize Promising Graphene
- New 'Biopsy in a Blood Test' to Detect Cancer
- Proposed Nuclear Clock May Keep Time With the Universe
- Comprehensive Picture of the Fate of Oil from Deepwater Horizon Spill
- You Can't Do the Math Without the Words: Amazonian Tribe Lacks Words for Numbers
- Touching a Nerve: How Every Hair in Skin Feels Touch and How It All Gets to the Brain
- Ionized Plasmas as Cheap Sterilizers for Developing World
- Spider Web's Strength Lies in More Than Its Silk
- Cosmic Rays Alter Chemistry of Lunar Ice, May Create Building Blocks of Life
- Sun Delivered Curveball of Powerful Radiation at Earth
- More Flexible Window Into the Brain
- Insects Have 'Personalities' Too, Research On Novelty-Seeking Honey Bees Indicates
- Dreaming Takes the Sting out of Painful Memories, Research Shows
- Why Do Dinosaur Skeletons Look So Weird?
- Bats Show Ability to Instantly Change Their Ear Shapes, Making Their Hearing More Flexible
- Extreme Summer Temperatures Occur More Frequently in U.S. Now, Analysis Shows
- New Light Shed On Wandering Continents
- Deep-Ocean Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion Revealed
- Sunshade Geoengineering More Likely to Improve Global Food Security, Research Suggests

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